European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia 

(ENPARD Georgia) /Small Farmers Co-operation component

Donor: European Union

Programme Area: Gori, Kareli, Khashuri, Kaspi, Gardabani, Marneuli, Tetritskaro, Sagarejo, Gurjaani, Kvareli, Kvareli, Sachkhere, Chiatura, Vani, Samtredia, Akhalkalaki, Ninotsminda

European Neighbourhood Program for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD)  launched in 2012.  ENPARD was developed by the European Union to boost the production of food in Georgia and to reduce rural poverty.  Duration of the project is three years (January 2013 – January 2016).

The Ministry of Agriculture as well as other line Ministries/Government Agencies, Regional Departments of Agriculture, Local Authorities and 

Agricultural Service Providers will be the main partners for the programme. Farmers, farmers associations, rural families as well as other private sector stakeholders will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

ENPARD’s expected results include the strengthening of co-operation amongst small farmers; improved performance of the institutions engaged in agriculture. The levels of the Georgian food production and the index of rural poverty will be used as the key indicators of progress.

ENPARD is articulated in different components. The architecture of the programme shows the comprehensive approach agreed between the European Union and the Government of Georgia in the agriculture sector. The programme addresses reforms and the implementation of the Strategy for Agriculture that the Georgian government will carry out in the next ten years. This support will be coupled with technical assistance to national agencies and ministries may need.

At the same time, the programme targets the establishment and the strengthening of small farmers which may become the backbone of the agriculture sector in the country.